The Token for a new way crowdfunding

Shaka (HAK) is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum issued by FriendsFingers and that will give holders rights to be active part of the platform like in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Our Token

Shaka (HAK)

We are issuing an ERC20 Token that will give holders following rights:

  • Right to vote on platform key decisions
  • Right to have a discount on platform fee when start a Crowdsale
  • Right to rate Crowdsales started on FriendsFingers
  • Possibility to promote Crowdsale on FriendsFingers social and media channels

We may always add rights for token holders, in that case we will communicate them on our official channels.

Bounty Program

We will also start a simple Bounty Program for users who want to support us growing our platform development.

Incentive Program

To incentivize people to use FriendsFingers platform we will give owners of successful Crowdsales a rewards of HAK until the Incentive program reserved tokens ends.

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Read our Whitepaper, DApp source and Smart Contracts.

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